New Introducing AI Editor

Build better products with customer feedback

Track, manage, engage, and analyse your customer feedback to make product decisions with ease.


The features to boost your productivity

Say hello to the Store. A home for Extensions published by our community of Developers using our API.

One up your productivity

On top of the core Block Extensions already built in, you can install Extensions built by Developers from the community. Everything you’ve asked for, in one place.

Automate your task

Designed to be seamless and instant. View an Extension and hit to simply install it in milliseconds.

An ever-growing collection

We offer seamless integration solutions that empower your business with enhanced efficiency and productivity.


More focus, less clutter.

Keep your workspace centralized, clean and tidy. Engineered with performance and your privacy in mind.

Feedback Board

Give your users a place to give feedback, and share ideas

Product Roadmap

Public roadmap to show what you're working on next


Notify users what's new with product changelog

Real-time sync

Update anything in Block and see the result. Works like magic.

Dark mode

For those who prefer Bootstrap 5 dark theme and love too work around.


All templates are optimized for all four breakpoints.

Plug & Play

Get the block bootstrap 5 theme and use our ready to use bootstrap 5 components and sections examples.

Community driven

Block is an independent funded product driven by our community. Simple Bootstrap 5 theme.


Join the community

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some of our happy customers are saying.

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Time Management Consultant

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Fitness Trainer

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Event Planner

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Career Counselor

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Amin Matthams
Cybersecurity Expert

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